A London Removals Company Let You Concentrate on the Sentimental Side

When it comes to moving, the process of having your belongings packed and ready for transport to your new home is the easiest part because a London removals company can do all the heavy lifting for you. The hardest part is dealing with the memories you are leaving behind. To this end, the Huffington Post offers some practical as well as sentimental tips to make the move easier to handle.

Six Things When Moving Out

Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional removal company like Best Rate Removals & Storage will give you complete peace of mind because they will ensure the safety and security of your goods. In case you are relocating to another state, city, or country, then it is always better to hire a moving company that has its own storage facility to further ensure the safety and security of your belongings. The best part of hiring a removal firm is that in case any damages occur to the goods, the company will offer compensation. You can simply hand over the responsibility and relax.

Things to Cancel

Your London removals company advises you to make sure that your memberships in any local health clubs, associations, and organisations are cancelled or transferred to a chapter in your new city or town. Enquire about any termination fees that may be charged. Lastly, ask your children’s schools for photocopies of your kids’ academic records; you’ll need them if you’re going to start your children fresh in a new school.

Raid the Kitchen

Be sure to start consuming any frozen goods in your refrigerator about a month before the move to avoid wastage. If you have unopened food close to expiring, you want may want to donate or give them away to neighbours or local charities.

Final Closure

This can be quite an emotional moment for everyone. To create a sense of closure, host a farewell party for everyone; friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc. Take one last walk through the house, snapping photos of memorable spots. Take photos of the whole family in front of the old house and compile them in an album. If possible, take a drive every so often within a year of the move past the old house and reminisce. This will help everyone cope, and hopefully move on.

(Article excerpt and image from “Don’t Forget These Six Things When Moving Out”, 05 November 2014, Huffington Post)


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