Moving Blues: Long-Distance Removals from London Require Expert Help

When it’s time to say goodbye to your London flat, you may end up having a lot on your hands. This is especially so if you’re going a long distance outside of the city, and removals from London homes to dwellings in Scotland, Wales or even to the EU can be long and complicated. If you’re staying in the country, preparations for your move should be started a month or so before the date, while international relocations may need two to three months of preparation.


For international moves, you’ll need to do quite a bit of paperwork, including your visas and passports. If you’re alone, this should be easy, but if you’re bringing the whole family you’ll have to ensure that they’re all available and up-to-date. Other things that you should handle beforehand are your new home, how to handle culture shock and how to adapt to your new country. These are just the cultural side of the equation.

The logistical problems of long-distance moves are shared between international and in-country moves. The long travel time can put a strain on the items you’re moving; they can end up broken or shattered if they aren’t properly packed or handled. Another worry that pops up during removals over long distances is that items get lost. Arriving at a new house and finding you’re missing your plates and fine china can be quite aggravating. Finally, when you’re moving with a lot of items, you may end up getting delayed.

How to Make the Move Easy and Worry-free

Fortunately, a trusted London removals service like Best Rate Removals can help smooth the way for you. First of all, you won’t end up having to haul your belongings in your car or a rented van. Professional movers have moving trucks dedicated to the job and have drivers who know how to ensure that your belongings are safe as they travel.

Secondly, movers can help in packing. They can evaluate what items you are moving and advise you on how to package them to ensure their safety. Finally, they can make the move less expensive. They can present you with an accurate budget that can help you plan your spending. With removal services like Best Rate Removals by your side, you can be sure your move will have all the excitement and none of the hassle.


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